Anti Edge Lift

Edge lift is the single most common mode of failure for concrete mattresses. The solution to edge lift is to increase the mass of the mattress edge in the most efficient and cost effective way available.

FLXMAT introduces Anti-Edge Lift (AEL) Ropes. AEL is fitted during the manufacture of the mattress so that each edge block is connected to the adjoining inner block by a series of ropes (ANTI EDGE LIFT ROPES).

The AEL ropes are fitted below the mattress structural or lift ropes so that the upwards articulation of the connected blocks is controlled. This addition of the AEL connection doubles the effective weight of the mattress edge block and thereby controls edge lift.

AEL and SCOUR CONTROL - The AEL system controls the ability of the mattress edge blocks to lift and articulate upwards while mainaining the ability for the edge block to articulate downwards which is essential when the mattress is required to combat scour.

Increasing the effective weight of the edge block can be achieved by increasing the edge block dimensions however this has a detrimental effect on scour control and so is not promoted by FLXMAT.