Where can I buy FLXMAT?

FLXMAT is available globally through a number of strategic suppliers. You start by talking to us here at head office and we would then supply FLXMA to you direct via our nearest suppler.

YES.  FLXMAT is easy to make. Follow the instructions or watch our youtube clips and you will be able to manage each step on the way to making a quality FLXMAT mattress.

YES. We currently have 5 strategic locations globally where the FLXMAT materials are made and then shipped direct to you.

This depends on 2 factors. 1)the quantity and the size of the FLXMAT mattress you select and 2) the number of people you have to help you. Typically a team of 8 men will cast between 150 -200m² per day. If you want to increase productivity you increase the personnel.

No previous experience is required. The principle behind FLXMAT is that unskilled local people in remote locations can safely make a quality FLXMAT concrete mattress.

The minimum would be 2. The maximum has no limit. Provided you can control the delivery of concrete you can increase your workforce and cast as many mats as you wish.

We can have personnel and materials on site in most parts of the World within 7 days of placing an order - however this means delivery by airfreight. Using seafreight  we have to advise you on the delivery time.

The FLXMAT is shipped in standard ISO sea contaners that do not require specialist shipping arrangements.