Pipeline & Cable Stabilisation

FLXMAT has an extensive range of mattress volumes from 0.075m³/m² to 0.55m³/m² within the stabilisation models.

The range of volumes available from FLXMAT stabilisation mattresses provides submerged weights up to 756kg/m2 with standard density concrete*.

Combinations of the 80 models available from FLXMAT offers a bespoke stabilisation mattress which accurately provides the additional submerged weight required by cables and pipelines to ensure subsea stability. (*Standard density concrete is considered as 2400kg/m³)

FLXMAT STABILITY MATTRESSES design includes the engineering analysis of the pipe/mattress combination using FLXSOLVE. (See Engineering).




FLXMAT ANKOR is an alternative to the traditional FLXMAT stabilisation mattress.

To create FLXMAT ANKOR the mattress is made in 2 separate parts which are connected using certified webbing slings. The 2 parts of the mattress rest on the seabed on either side of the pipeline. The effective load from the mattress is then transferred to the pipeline by the certified webbing slings which are securely anchored by being cast into the concrete.

The ANKOR design substantially limits the mattress exposed area by reducing the seabed profile of the mattress on the pipeline (Fig. 1).



The low seabed profile of the mattress on the pipeline will reduce drag and significantly improve the efficiency of the mattress to stabilise the pipeline.

FLXMAT ANKOR can reduce pipeline or cable pull out from under the mattress due to the concrete blocks being stable on the seabed when compared with the standard mattress style which is draped over the pipeline leaving a number of concrete blocks unstable.