FLXMAT™ Cable Protection




FLXMAT offers an extensive range of bespoke mattress designs for cable protection against dropped object protection.

The FLXMAT ANKOR mattress can be combined with a GRP or concrete tunnel to form a protective tunnel by which the cable will be protected




FLXMAT™ Cable Retention

FLXMAT CABLE RETENTION MATTRESS (CRM) is the latest in innovation from FLXMAT. The FLXMAT CRM has been designed to control the lateral movement of subsea cables to restrict cable pull out.



The FLXMAT CRM opens during installation so that the cable is captured at seabed touch down. The CRM when installed creates a protective tunnel through which the cable will pass.

Lateral movement of the cable is restricted by the tines fitted to each side of the base wall. Tine length can be altered to adjust retention level.